I have been breeding Chinese Shar-Pei since 1992 after I just happened to come across one from a local dog breeder, Mary Goossen of Cas Mai Kennels.  I had never seen one before, and honestly had no idea what they were.  I used to see her sign all of the time on my way home from work, and would always wonder "what is a Chinese Shar-Pei.  I have always been a dog enthusiast, and had several different breeds over my lifetime, including Bulldogs, and Border Collies, noted to be the smartest dog of all.  After my daughter kept bugging me to get another dog, I finally caved, and decided to call Cas Mai Kennels and find out what is a Chinese Shar-Pei.  She just happened to have one for sale, so, I told my daughter, "don't get your hopes up because I honestly have no idea what this dog will look like, so, no promises."

So, we ended up driving over, and I will never forget seeing this mysterious, black shar-pei walk out of the shadows, and straight into my arms!  I had never seen anything so different, and yet, so beautiful in all of my life.  My heart was completely captured!!  I remember Mary saying that another lady was coming to see her the next day!  I said, "I am not leaving here without her!"  Mary laughed.  ...and I did leave with her, and I would have paid anything to get her!  No other dog has ever affected me this way, and after a lifetime of being 'owned' by these silly, snobbish, yet regal creatures, no other dog will ever have my heart they way that they do!

I will always thank Mary Goossen for all of her wisdom that she gave me over the years, the friendship that we developed, breedings,  whelpings, and showing, that we did together!  She taught me so much!  Sadly, Mary passed away in 2010, and I know that she is in heaven, playing with all of her dogs! 
Rest in peace, Mary, dear friend!

CSPCA - http://www.cspca.com/

CSPCC - http://www.peiclub.com/

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